Blank Pages: Z’s sketch pad


I remember the time I bought it. I told to myself either I draw a lot of images that gives value to me to show my emotions too. Here I would present things running through my mind, and here I released my emotions. Emotions that forced myself not to worry about but in this way I can carry it even insisted that I wanted to forget things. As the time goes by those blank pages will fill the beautiful images and memories that I struggled to return.

Moon: The reason why


So close but yet so far

Seeing it from afar

As the day becomes night

My dark life gives me light

It doesn’t matter thou

Life gets miserable

But i’m compatible

That it’s there if they know

First time i close my eyes

Yes, i remember it

That angle makes me smile

And completes me by it

The way it shown at night

It’s like the sun so bright

Always keep on going

Without a dust of moving

When can i be attach

To it, that crazily

And makes me to silly

If i have it that much

But then i realize

Things wouldn’t take enough

It made me think to stop

That joy wouldn’t be rise

As it move so slowly

And fading directly

Like a thousand of punch

That hits me so very

Like it’s telling me that

It is impossible

To be with it or not

But yeah it’s possible

As when it disappears

Feels like loosing a peer

Family and love ones

Without seeing them once

But life keeps on going

We’re not into loosing

Coming back or leaving

In life we’re enjoying